In Case You Haven't Screamed It

Looking for something good to watch? We've got a few suggestions right here!

In October of 2017, the Portland movie rental institution, Movie Madness, was at risk of closing up shop. The people of Portland came to the rescue and successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign that brought two iconic Portland movie businesses together. As of late 2017, Movie Madness is owned and operated under the non-profit auspices of The Hollywood Theatre

As part of the Save Movie Madness crowdfunding campaign, we snagged the "Curate a Shelf" reward. If you are in the area and able to physically be in the store, you absolutely should get on that. For those of you who are not, we wanted to share our "In Case You Haven't Screamed It" list here. Read on for 7 films that we love!

  • The Abominable Dr Phibes          (UK, 1971, 94 minutes)

     Lost love and a mad scientist bent on revenge. Vincent Price stars in this horror comedy as a deformed doctor who exacts Biblical punishments upon the doctors who couldn’t save his wife.  If you have yet to see this campy cult classic, what are you waiting for?

  • Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon          (US, 2006, 92 minutes)

     This meta-slasher is smart, funny, and filmed in Oregon! Follow an intrepid documentarian as she gets the lead of a lifetime – inside access to the next greatest psycho serial killer. With cameos from some horror greats, this movie deserves its cult classic status. Looking for the right movie tonight? Found it!

  • The Blackcoat’s Daughter          (Canada, 2017, 93 minutes)

     Teen girls at boarding school have never been so unsettling. Director Oz Perkins is the king of atmosphere – looking for a slow burn that plays with the dark thing lurking just out of the corner of your eye? Look no further.

For a review and/or trailer check out Ep. 21 - Best of 2017!

  • Cemetery Man          (Italy/France/Germany, 1994, 105 minutes)

     The tagline is “Zombies, guns, and sex… OH MY!”. Not sure how better we can sell this darkly humorous flick starring Rupert Everett as a lovelorn cemetery administrator. It’s bonkers and not to be missed.

  • Creep          (US, 2015, 77 minutes)

     Mark Duplass is the most convincing psycho we’ve seen in years. A brilliant example of low budget found footage, this flick will have you alternately cringing and yelling at the victim while you wonder how it’s all going to end.

For a review and/or trailer check out Ep. 21 - Best of 2017!

  • Phantasm          (US, 1979, 88 minutes)

     The Phantasm series gives us the gift of the Tall Man – a malevolent, otherworldly undertaker who reanimates the dead into half-sized zombies to be used as slave labor on his planet. And it’s all up to a teenage boy and his friend Reggie the ice cream man to stop it. Sounds crazy right? You’d be crazy to miss it.

  • Tombs of the Blind Dead          (Spain/Portugal, 1973, 101 minutes)

     Reanimated Templar Knights wreck a perfectly nice vacation by killing a beautiful young woman. As her friends look for answers, the Knights look for their next meal. The success of this film jumpstarted the Spanish horror boom of the mid-70s. What’s not to love about Spanish zombie warrior monks?