Atlanta's Buried Alive Film Fest

In which Matt and Cat do some remote viewing.

Less than a week until it’s curtain up at Atlanta’s Buried Alive Film Festival. With 7 features, 4 special event screenings, and a ton of shorts - horror fans in the Atlanta area will not want to miss out! As we work our way through the screeners that are available remotely, we wish we could have made it this year in person.

In their own words, the Buried Alive Film Fest has films that “…are not for the faint-hearted or timid. We pride ourselves on finding the weird, the gross, and the horrifying.”


At present we have seen a sampling of shorts that are spread throughout the festival. and we can confirm, this fest selects shorts that will leave audiences satisfied.

From Thursday night’s “Shorts Program 1: For the Love of the Undertaker” Bitten and Little Dreamer get the ball rolling with a not so classic tale of (wo)man’s best friend and an overworked man having one hell of a birthday.

Friday unearths “Shorts Program 2: Bury Me with My Favorite Films” where Lucy’s Tale shows another side of the coming-of-age teenage love story and Claw shocks the sensibilities when an adult film performer gets more than the agreed upon price.

Saturday is not for the squeamish as “Shorts Program 3: It’s Never too Early to Start Digging Graves” opens with Entropia where one woman goes to bizarre lengths to regain youth and Mama’s Boy plays out a differently depraved take on the birth of a serial killer.

Just this taste of Atlanta’s Buried Alive Film Festival has us hungry for more - further coverage and reviews coming soon!