4. Anticipating Overlook

Matt and Cat speculate wildly!

Cocktail Concoction: Scotch on the Rocks

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour in the following:

2oz Scotch

We recommend Clan MacGregor for the horror fan on a budget, or The Famous Grouse if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

Tune in as we give the rundown on the upcoming Overlook Film Festival (April 27-30) at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon. We were able to nab tickets to some but not all of the films being screened - so this week we are talking about all the films we're going to miss.

Having seen all the trailers we could get our hands on, we get a bit speculative on Lily Ana Amirpour's sophomore effort - The Bad Batch, tense social commentaries like Amat Escalante's The Untamed, and off the wall splatter flicks like Yoshihiro Nishimura's Meatball Machine Kodoku.

Want to get a head start on what to look out for this year in horror? Look no further!