Horror Brew Podcast
Horror Brew Podcast


The Last Word
Kong is King

The Egress
B&I: KM Alexander

Running the Gimlet
Cutthroat Cubicles

Corpse Reviver #2
Michele Soavi



Dark & Stormy
Modern Ghosts

Zombie Punch
Revisiting Romero

The Hessian Wakes
The Horseman

Smoking Bishop
Gothic Horrors

Cider & Spice
Devilish Derivatives


Alchemist's Margarita
New B's

The Mezcal Effect
Space & Time

Guts & Glory
Glory & Guts

Bent Neck Lady
Flanagan’s Frights


The Qi-Reviver
Jiangshi Jitters

Enter the Spritzer
Cosmic Comeback

Electric Lemondrop
Lovin' Lifeforce

Go A Viking
Supernatural Scandi

Honeyed Words
WiHM 2018

Regulation Woo Woo
B&I: Chloë Levine

Soy Sauce
B&I: Willy Greer


Muddled Old-Fashioned
B&I: Brandon Christensen

Dark Star
Wretched Recordings

Swamp Ape Fizz
Bigfoot Found Footage

Sante Sangria
B&I: Anthony Hudson

The Slaughtered Lamb
Best of 2017

Old Bones
This Old House

Blood on the Beach
The Blind Dead

Bitter Hellfire
Cult Country